Chairman's Message   

I am here to present Zanzibar Shipping Corporation ( SHIPCO) in a special edition of its operation.

The Shipping Corporation was established under the Act N0.3 of 2013 and its acronym “SHIPCO. This Company owned by the Zanzibar government under the Ministry of Infrastructure and Communication. The purpose of this Company is to serve Sea transportation services of the people and the goods between two Islands Unguja & Pemba , Tanzania Mainland, and the other neighboring countries and also to provide the Agency services for all the foreign going  Vessels calling at Zanzibar Ports. SHIPCO head quartor located at Malindi opposite to Zanzibar Ports Corporation Ferry Terminal. The corporation has two Branches  i,e Dar es Salaam Branch located at baggage room area, and Pemba Branch located at Mkoani Pemba with sub branches at Chake Chake and Wete Pemba.

SHIPCO mission is to provide a travelling public with reliable, safe and efficient sea transportation services at reasonable price.

Before appointing  the existing board SHIPCO” governed by the “Public Investment Act  no: 4 of 2002. For now SHIPCO has its Act known as “ ZANZIBAR SHIPPING CORPORATION ACT  NO :3 OF 2013.

During the existing board together with the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar SHIPCO has succeed  entered into a contract of building new Ships. i.e Passengers and Tanker Ships.

SHIPCO plan to be a leading sea transportation services operator in Eastern and Southern Africa.  Also SHIPCO expected to have fleet replacement by phasing -out the existing old fleet by purchasing of two (2) new  Vessels, i,e (1) Passenger Ferry Boats and (1) Tanker (PetroleumProduct carrier) through  the Government.

SHIPCO plans to ensure consistency of all operations toward achieving quality services at reasonable price, all operations on board Ship and onshore will be governed by the quality control procedures. These procedures will be based on the implementation of international safety Management Code (ISM) in each Ship. We believe that it is only the implementation of this code will assure the quality of the services as well as safety.

Apart from that, SHIPCO has the plan to expand its activities by establishing Agency services at the Dar Es Salaam branch in order to increase the income of the Company.

On be half of Board of Directors I wish to thanks all our stakeholders for their continued cooperation and commend the management and staff for working together as a team. This has enabled theSHIPCO to achieve the positive result.

 Thanking You All

 ( Haji Ameir )