Management Team

The Director General whom appointed by the President of Zanzibar heads the corporation. Shipco have Five Heads of Departments who manage five departments (Finance, Administration, Operations, Marine, Manpower and Technical) and one Pemba Branch Director.

SHIPCO management works under the auspices of the Board of Directors whose chairperson is appointed by the president and Board Members appointed by the minister for infrastructure and Communication.

Managing Director
Makame Hasnuu Makame
Director Planning, Research and Marketing
Jabir Sheha Amour
Director Human Resources and Administrative
Saada Kheri Ali
Director Agency
Ali Kitwana Haji
John Smith
Head of Legal Unit
Ali Juma Haji
Chief Accountant
Abdulwahab Abdalla Mohamed
Head of Internal Audit Unit
jina jina
Head of ICT
Hisham Rahib Rajab
Head of Procurement
Saleh Faki Haji
Head of DPA
Anthony Gomes
Officer In charge Pemba
Hawa Hassan Shariff
Officer In charge Dar Es Salaam
Maua Moh'd Abdulrahman