SHIPCO has recently purchased a new modern product tanker, MT Ukombozi II to replace the old-fashioned MT Ukombozi. MT Ukombozi II is a modern double hull ship having capacity of carrying up to 3,500 tons of petroleum products. The ship has 86.21 meters long, 14 meters wide and four holds (eight tanks) of fuel. It has two manifolds for loading and unloading petroleum products. It is built in accordance with national and internationally accepted standards.

MT Ukomboziprovides seaborne transportation of petroleum products to oil suppliers between Zanzibar ports and other ports in Eastern and Southern Africa. It offers services of transporting a variety of petroleum products including petroleum, oil, liquefied petroleum gas, distillate fuel oil (lighter fuel oils and diesel engine fuel, kerosene, diesel, petrol, jet fuel, residual fuel oil (gasoline and diesel oil, lubricants, paraffin asphalt and burning fuel), unfinished oils, etc.

Services that is offered by MT Ukomboziis of great benefits to customers, very efficient and effective at fair rate as a result of having ship that built using latest technology having effectual speed and fuel consumption. Additionally, since the tanker has been built in compliance with international and national regulations in respect to safety, security and marine environment protection, it saves customers from the inconveniences of delay caused by PSC officers for noncompliance. The service offered assures reliable, safe and affordable services to customers, short payback period and increases SHIPCO market share in foreign and local market.