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Zanzibar Shipping Corporation (SHIPCO) is a public corporation under the portfolio of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Communication established in 1978 by a Legal Notice No.3 under the Public Enterprise Decree of 1978 with a start-up capital of TZS 82.912 million and re-established under the Zanzibar Shipping Corporation Act No.3 of 2013.

The SHIPCO is formed to manage and operate government owned merchant ships in order to offer a growing population of Unguja and Pemba islands with reliable, safe and affordable sea transportation service. In other words, SHIPCO is aimed at serving sea mobility needs of the people and goods between the Islands of Unguja and Pemba, and between these Islands and other ports of East Africa.

The SHIPCO’s headquarter is located at Malindi, within Zanzibar city. It has other branches in Pemba Island and Dar-es-Salaam City.

Our Vision

To become a leading sea transportation services operator in Eastern and Southern Africa

Our Mission

To provide reliable, safe and efficient sea transportation and agency services to the public at reasonable price while delivering the finest quality service.

Guiding Core Values

Customer focus: satisfying (internal and external) customers’ needs with quality services that match to value of money they pay;

Safety: Ensuring our operations and processes comply to safety regulations and standards for safe mobility of our customers and their belongings;

Partnership: Building lasting partnership with all stakeholders we work with from shareholders, employees, customers, employees and broad communities and we keep ourselves to safeguard each one interests.